The Krkonoše Mountains National Park and Tranboundary Projects

Michal Skalka (CZ)

(En): Biosphere reserves Krkonoše and Karkonosze became parts of the network of biosphere reserves of UNESCO within the program Man and Biosphere (MaB) in 1992. The Krkonoše Mountains National Park Administration cooperates with its Polish partner KPN (Karkonoski Park Narodowy Administration) and other Polish partners (especially The Museum of Ceramics in Boleslawiec) on the projects:

  • KRNAP and KPN Tourist Infrastructure Development (Monastery garden revitalization and building of geology exhibition in Vrchlabí, building of information centre and so called Laborant’s chalet in Karpacz),
  • Common Education of Employees of Krkonoše Mountains National Park Administration and Karkonosski Park Narodowy Administration (Polish and Czech language education),
  • Krkonoše Mountains in INSPIRE (A harmonization of data sources for map servers of both partners),
  • Krkonoše Mountains – Our National Park (Publication of bilingual sets of informational-educational thematic posters),
  • The Typical Architecture of Krkonoše and Jizerské hory Mountains (Publication of hand-book with good and bad practice examples, bilateral expert team was established and seminar about reconstructing and restoration of typical local buildings was held),
  • The One Mountains, the One Forests (Bilingual brochure, managing special programs about selected parts of forest, film about forests).

The projects finished recently:

  • The Improvement of Environmental Education in the Krkonoše Mountains National Park and Karknoski Park Narodowy (Set of common secondary school activities on Czech and Polish side of Krkonoše Mountains, publication of information leaflets and education tools),
  • Via Fabrilis (Renewing of historical house in Vrchlabí, reparation of The Museum of Ceramics in Boleslawiec, tourist track from Boleslawiec to Vrchlabí via seven museums and exhibitions for visitors was created, mapped and marked).

Special environmental program for children is the Junior Ranger Project. Group of children from Krkonoše schools is trained as real professional rangers.

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