Society for Renovation of Úštěk Local Heritage

Tomáš Hlaváček (CZ)

Society for Renovation of Úštek Local Heritage aims to record and monitor, renovate (or either reconstruct) and maintain significant parts of the historic environment of the Litoměřice region. Therefore, we try to improve the system of heritage recording and protection in cooperation with both professionals and volunteers. We set up and deliver projects that allow us to save a particular building or monument at risk. We also try to encourage children and young people in the region to take part in our projects or other educational activities. And last but not least, we promote our activities as well as generate income by organising cultural and social events such as concerts, exhibitions and lectures. Various activities will be illustrated by the case studies, and a concept of a new project called ‘Destroyed Churches of the Northern Bohemia (1945 – 1989)’ will be described in the presentation.

Centrum pro studium kulturně historického dědictví při Katedře dějin
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